The Association

ORIUS is a non-profit organization that operates in the social economy sector.
It is made up of 2 types of specific players:  agencies for professional training and B-category social cooperatives and their consortiums, based and operating in Emilia-Romagna region, in particolar in Bologna, Ferrara, Cesena and Forlì  areas.

At this time the components are:
  •     CEFAL [ Bologna ] - profesional training
  •     TECHNE [Forlì ] - profesional training
  •     IT2[Bologna] - social and not social cooperatives’ consortium
  •     IMPRONTE SOCIALI [Ferrara] - social cooperatives’ consortium
  •     SIC [Bologna] - social cooperatives’ consortium

This group was born in January 2011 from the participation to the european LEONARDO project “The recycling cycle” and represents a fresh attempt at building a new alliance among players, roles and social-economic functions which are now halfway between competition and integration.

The association aims:

-    to promote social and occupational integration for disadvantaged people
-    to promote people training and support to systems for occupational inclusion of disadvantaged people.

Orius provides services for developing  projects, joining social integration and environmental sustainability.
The five members whose Orius is made up have a lot of experience of social business and are well integrated into their territory, this gives to the Association strength and reliability.
Orius is an effective member of RREUSE, the European federation of social enterprises with activities in the field of reuse and recycling.

2019  associazione orius C.F/P.Iva: 03088301209 via Mascarino 14/A, 40066 Pieve di Cento (Bo)