The Members

1)  CEFAL (European Consortium for the Preparation and Training of Workers) whose offices are located in the provinces of Bologna and Ravenna, was set up in 1972. It aims to provide training and advice for organizations, businesses, organizations members, corporate parties, private and public, domestic and foreign government agencies. It can also carry out research and promotion of job opportunities especially for youth, encouraging youth entrepreneurship. It has 36 employees and collaborates with about 180 steady professionals. It also has about 1800 pupils and trainees (800 of them disabled and/or disadvantaged).

2) TECHNE  is an education and training agency based in the province of Forlì-Cesena. For more than thirty years, it promoted reintegration programs to combat the disadvantage in the labor market, dealing with those people with physical or psychological disabilities, who have found themselves in situations of social disadvantage, at risk of poverty and marginalization. It has 17 employees and collaborates with about 40 steady professionals. It also has about 500 pupils and trainees (160 of them disabled and/or disadvantaged).

3) IT2 is a social cooperative founded in 1998 as part of the YES Project (Young Enterprise Solutions), funded through the Community initiative Employment Youthstart. An acronym for 'Transition Enterprise', is not intended as a point of arrival, but rather, a significant milestone for access to the world of work 'not protected' for all the people who 'pass' on the inside.
To most of the other staff, in fact, the cooperative offers the opportunity of a temporary job, the objective of which is the completion of professional training in a work environment where you maintain high attention to the human and relational growth people: its main aim is therefore to encourage the placement in employment of people in difficulty.
It is from the beginning promoted by MCL Bologna (Christian Workers Movement) and CEFAL (European Consortium for Education and Training of Workers).
Adheres to FedersolidarietĂ  Confcooperative, it is a member of the Consortium SolCo Together Bologna, EVT Consortium and the Association Family Ideas.

4) SIC (Social Iniziatives Consortium) was set up in 1994, in Bologna and aims to facilitate the achievement of mutual goals of members through the joint exercise of economic activities. It also proposes to develop in the territory the practice of social entrepreneurship in order to pursue the general interest of the community. This is realized through the promotion of human and social integration of citizens, and through the proposal of an innovative management of social services through various activities (agricultural, industrial, commercial, service) designed to create real job opportunities for people at risk of marginalization. It gather 23 social  cooperatives and has about 700 employees (235 of them disadvantaged).

5) IMPRONTE SOCIALI is a consortium of social cooperatives born in Ferrara in 2005. The Consortium aims to promote the activities of the associated, to facilitate internal contacts and with stakeholders, to develop and create projects involving, in addition to social cooperation, also municipalities, provincial administration, local public health unit, private companies, representative organizations and local voluntary. The Consortium currently consists of 10 social cooperatives, whose 4 deal with job placement and 6 join the job placement to activities for social, educational and/or welfare. It has about 245 employees (110 of them disadvantaged).

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